August 25th All Events

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August 25th, 2007 (August 25 2007)DeathRay Jones, English professional footballer (born in 1988)
August 25th, 2005 (August 25 2005)DeathPeter Glotz, German politician (born in 1939)
August 25th, 2003 (August 25 2003)EventThe Tli Cho land claims agreement is signed between the Dogrib First Nations and the Canadian federal government in Rae-Edzo (now called Behchoko).
August 25th, 2002 (August 25 2002)DeathDorothy Hewett, Australian writer (born in 1923)
August 25th, 2001 (August 25 2001)DeathAaliyah, American singer and actress (born in 1979)
August 25th, 2001 (August 25 2001)DeathCarl Brewer, Canadian ice hockey player (born in 1938)
August 25th, 2001 (August 25 2001)DeathKen Tyrrell, former race driver and founder of Tyrrell Racing (born in 1924)
August 25th, 2001 (August 25 2001)DeathPhilippe Leotard, French actor and singer (born in 1940)
August 25th, 2000 (August 25 2000)DeathCarl Barks, American cartoonist (born in 1901)
August 25th, 2000 (August 25 2000)DeathJack Nitzsche, American record producer (born in 1937)
August 25th, 1999 (August 25 1999)DeathRob Fisher, English musician (born in 1956)
August 25th, 1998 (August 25 1998)BirthChina Anne McClain, American actress
August 25th, 1997 (August 25 1997)EventEgon Krenz, the former East German leader, was convicted of a shoot-to-kill Berlin Wall policy.
August 25th, 1997 (August 25 1997)BirthHolly Gibbs, English child actor
August 25th, 1994 (August 25 1994)BirthJosh Flitter, American actor
August 25th, 1992 (August 25 1992)BirthMiyabi Natsuyaki, Japanese singer
August 25th, 1991 (August 25 1991)EventBelarus declares independence from the Soviet Union
August 25th, 1990 (August 25 1990)DeathMorley Callaghan, Canadian writer (born in 1903)
August 25th, 1989 (August 25 1989)EventTadeusz Mazowiecki chosen as the first non-communist Prime Minister in Central and Eastern Europe.
August 25th, 1989 (August 25 1989)EventVoyager 2 spacecraft makes its closest approach to Neptune, the outermost planet in the Solar System.
August 25th, 1989 (August 25 1989)EventMayumi Moriyama becomes Japan s first female cabinet secretary.
August 25th, 1988 (August 25 1988)BirthAngela Park, Brazilian golfer
August 25th, 1988 (August 25 1988)BirthRaymond Quinn, English singer
August 25th, 1987 (August 25 1987)BirthStacey Farber, Canadian actress
August 25th, 1987 (August 25 1987)BirthBlake Lively, American actress
August 25th, 1987 (August 25 1987)BirthJustin Upton, American baseball player
August 25th, 1987 (August 25 1987)BirthJames Wesolowski, Australian soccer player
August 25th, 1987 (August 25 1987)BirthLiu Yifei, Chinese actress and singer
August 25th, 1985 (August 25 1985)DeathSamantha Smith, American social activist (born in 1972)
August 25th, 1984 (August 25 1984)DeathTruman Capote, American author (born in 1924)Truman Capote Quotes
August 25th, 1984 (August 25 1984)DeathWaite Hoyt, American baseball player (born in 1899)
August 25th, 1984 (August 25 1984)DeathViktor Chukarin, Soviet gymnast (born in 1921)
August 25th, 1983 (August 25 1983)BirthJames Righton, Musician (Klaxons)
August 25th, 1983 (August 25 1983)BirthJames Rossiter, British racing driver
August 25th, 1983 (August 25 1983)BirthJanet Chow, Miss Hong Kong 2006 Runner-Up
August 25th, 1981 (August 25 1981)EventVoyager 2 spacecraft makes its closest approach to Saturn
August 25th, 1981 (August 25 1981)BirthRachel Bilson, American actress
August 25th, 1981 (August 25 1981)BirthClare Oliver, Australian cancer activist (died in 2007)
August 25th, 1980 (August 25 1980)BirthNeal Musser, American baseball player
August 25th, 1980 (August 25 1980)DeathGower Champion, American dancer, actor, and choreographer (born in 1919)
August 25th, 1979 (August 25 1979)BirthMarlon Harewood, English footballer
August 25th, 1979 (August 25 1979)DeathStan Kenton, American musician and bandleader (born in 1911)
August 25th, 1978 (August 25 1978)BirthKel Mitchell, American actor
August 25th, 1977 (August 25 1977)BirthSophie Cadieux, Quebec actress
August 25th, 1977 (August 25 1977)BirthDiego Corrales, American boxer (died in 2007)
August 25th, 1977 (August 25 1977)BirthJonathan Togo, American actor
August 25th, 1976 (August 25 1976)BirthAlexander Skarsgard, Swedish actor
August 25th, 1976 (August 25 1976)DeathEyvind Johnson, Swedish writer, Nobel laureate (born in 1900)
August 25th, 1975 (August 25 1975)BirthJeremy Horn, American MMA Fighter
August 25th, 1974 (August 25 1974)BirthEric Millegan, American actor
August 25th, 1974 (August 25 1974)BirthDave Luza, Dutch comedian
August 25th, 1974 (August 25 1974)BirthPablo Ozuna, Dominican baseball player
August 25th, 1973 (August 25 1973)BirthFatih Akin, Turkish-German film director
August 25th, 1973 (August 25 1973)BirthOlavi Mikkonen, Swedish heavy metal guitarist (Amon Amarth)
August 25th, 1972 (August 25 1972)BirthMarvin Harrison, American football player
August 25th, 1971 (August 25 1971)BirthMike Lockwood, professional wrestler (died in 2003)
August 25th, 1971 (August 25 1971)BirthThalia Sodi, Mexican actress and singer
August 25th, 1971 (August 25 1971)DeathTed Lewis, American musician and entertainer (born in 1890)
August 25th, 1970 (August 25 1970)BirthRobert Horry, American basketball player
August 25th, 1970 (August 25 1970)BirthJo Dee Messina, American country music singer
August 25th, 1970 (August 25 1970)BirthClaudia Schiffer, German model
August 25th, 1969 (August 25 1969)BirthCameron Mathison, Canadian actor
August 25th, 1968 (August 25 1968)BirthRafet El Roman, Turkish singer and composer
August 25th, 1968 (August 25 1968)BirthYuri Mitsui, Japanese actress, model and racing driver
August 25th, 1968 (August 25 1968)BirthStuart Murdoch, Scottish musician (Belle & Sebastian)
August 25th, 1968 (August 25 1968)BirthTakeshi Ueda, Japanese singer and composer
August 25th, 1968 (August 25 1968)BirthRachael Ray, American chef and television personality
August 25th, 1968 (August 25 1968)BirthSpider One, American musician (Powerman 5000)
August 25th, 1967 (August 25 1967)BirthJeff Tweedy, American singer (Wilco)
August 25th, 1967 (August 25 1967)DeathStanley Bruce, eighth Prime Minister of Australia (born in 1883)
August 25th, 1967 (August 25 1967)DeathPaul Muni, Polish actor (born in 1895)
August 25th, 1967 (August 25 1967)DeathGeorge Lincoln Rockwell, American Nazi Party leader (born in 1918)George Ade Quotes
August 25th, 1966 (August 25 1966)BirthAlbert Belle, American Major League Baseball player
August 25th, 1966 (August 25 1966)BirthDerek Sherinian, American keyboardist
August 25th, 1966 (August 25 1966)BirthRobert Maschio, American Actor ("The Todd" in Scrubs)
August 25th, 1965 (August 25 1965)BirthMia Zapata, American singer (The Gits) (died in 1994)
August 25th, 1965 (August 25 1965)DeathMoonlight Graham, American baseball player
August 25th, 1964 (August 25 1964)BirthMaxim Kontsevich, Russian mathematician
August 25th, 1964 (August 25 1964)BirthBlair Underwood, American actor
August 25th, 1964 (August 25 1964)BirthVassilios Kotronias, Greek chess grandmaster
August 25th, 1964 (August 25 1964)BirthMarti Noxon, American television writer and producer
August 25th, 1962 (August 25 1962)BirthDavid Packer, American actor
August 25th, 1962 (August 25 1962)BirthVivian Campbell, Irish musician (Def Leppard, Whitesnake, Dio)
August 25th, 1961 (August 25 1961)BirthBilly Ray Cyrus, American singer and actor
August 25th, 1961 (August 25 1961)BirthJoanne Whalley, British actress
August 25th, 1960 (August 25 1960)BirthAshley Crow, American actress
August 25th, 1958 (August 25 1958)BirthTim Burton, American film director
August 25th, 1958 (August 25 1958)BirthChristian LeBlanc, American actor
August 25th, 1956 (August 25 1956)BirthHenri Toivonen, Finnish rally driver
August 25th, 1956 (August 25 1956)DeathAlfred Kinsey, American research biologist (born in 1894)Alfred Kinsey Quotes
August 25th, 1954 (August 25 1954)BirthElvis Costello, English musician
August 25th, 1952 (August 25 1952)BirthGeoff Downes, English keyboardist (Buggles, Yes, Asia)
August 25th, 1951 (August 25 1951)BirthRob Halford, English singer (Judas Priest)
August 25th, 1951 (August 25 1951)BirthBill Handel, American radio personality
August 25th, 1950 (August 25 1950)EventPresident Harry Truman orders the US Army to seize control of the nation s railroads to avert a strike.
August 25th, 1950 (August 25 1950)BirthCharles Fambrough, American jazz musician
August 25th, 1950 (August 25 1950)DeathEarl Caddock, professional wrestler (born in 1888)
August 25th, 1949 (August 25 1949)BirthMartin Amis, English novelist
August 25th, 1949 (August 25 1949)BirthJohn Savage, American actor
August 25th, 1949 (August 25 1949)BirthGene Simmons, Israeli-born musician (Kiss)Gene Simmons Quotes
August 25th, 1949 (August 25 1949)BirthFariborz Lachini, Canadian-Iranian composer
August 25th, 1948 (August 25 1948)EventHouse Un-American Activities Committee holds first-ever televised congressional hearing: "Confrontation Day" between Whittaker Chambers and Alger Hiss.
August 25th, 1946 (August 25 1946)BirthRollie Fingers, American baseball player
August 25th, 1946 (August 25 1946)BirthCharles Ghigna (Father Goose), American poet and Children s Author
August 25th, 1946 (August 25 1946)BirthCharlie Sanders, American football player
August 25th, 1945 (August 25 1945)EventTen days after World War II ended with Japan announcing its surrender, armed supporters of the Communist Party of China killed Baptist missionary John Birch, regarded by a portion of the American right as the first victim of the Cold War.
August 25th, 1945 (August 25 1945)DeathJohn Birch, American intelligence officer and missionary (born in 1918)
August 25th, 1944 (August 25 1944)EventWorld War II: Paris is liberated by the Allies.
August 25th, 1944 (August 25 1944)BirthAnthony Heald, American actor
August 25th, 1944 (August 25 1944)BirthConrad Black, newspaper magnate
August 25th, 1944 (August 25 1944)BirthJacques Demers, Canadian hockey coach
August 25th, 1942 (August 25 1942)EventWorld War II: Battle of Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea.
August 25th, 1942 (August 25 1942)EventWorld War II: Second day of the Battle of the Eastern Solomons. A Japanese naval transport convoy headed towards Guadalcanal is turned-back by Allied air attack, losing one destroyer and one transport sunk, and one light cruiser heavily damaged. Solomon Quotes
August 25th, 1942 (August 25 1942)DeathGeorge Edward Alexander Windsor, Duke of Kent (born in 1902)
August 25th, 1940 (August 25 1940)BirthJose Van Dam, Belgian baritone
August 25th, 1939 (August 25 1939)BirthJohn Badham, American film director
August 25th, 1939 (August 25 1939)DeathBabe Siebert, Canadian ice hockey player (born in 1904)
August 25th, 1938 (August 25 1938)BirthDavid Canary, American actor
August 25th, 1938 (August 25 1938)BirthFrederick Forsyth, English author
August 25th, 1938 (August 25 1938)DeathAleksandr Kuprin, Russian writer (born in 1870)
August 25th, 1935 (August 25 1935)BirthCharles Wright, American poet
August 25th, 1934 (August 25 1934)BirthLise Bacon, French Canadian politician
August 25th, 1934 (August 25 1934)BirthEddie Ilarde, Filipino disk jockey, television host, and Senator
August 25th, 1933 (August 25 1933)EventDiexi earthquake shook Mao County, Sichuan, China and killed 9,000 people.
August 25th, 1933 (August 25 1933)BirthWayne Shorter, American jazz musician
August 25th, 1933 (August 25 1933)BirthTom Skerritt, American actor
August 25th, 1931 (August 25 1931)BirthHal Fishman, Los Angeles based local news anchor. (died in 2007)
August 25th, 1931 (August 25 1931)BirthRegis Philbin, American television host
August 25th, 1930 (August 25 1930)BirthSean Connery, Scottish actorSean Connery Quotes
August 25th, 1930 (August 25 1930)BirthGraham Jarvis, Canadian actor (died in 2003)
August 25th, 1930 (August 25 1930)BirthBruce Allpress, New Zealand actor
August 25th, 1928 (August 25 1928)BirthHerbert Kroemer, German-born physicist, Nobel Prize laureate
August 25th, 1928 (August 25 1928)BirthDarrell Johnson, American baseball player (died in 2004)
August 25th, 1927 (August 25 1927)BirthAlthea Gibson, American tennis player (died in 2003)
August 25th, 1925 (August 25 1925)BirthThea Astley, Australian writer, (died in 2004)
August 25th, 1925 (August 25 1925)DeathFranz Conrad von Hotzendorf, Austro-Hungarian field marshal (born in 1852)
August 25th, 1924 (August 25 1924)DeathMariano Alvarez, Filipino general (born in 1818)Al Alvarez Quotes
August 25th, 1921 (August 25 1921)EventThe first skirmishes of the Battle of Blair Mountain occur.
August 25th, 1921 (August 25 1921)BirthMonty Hall, Canadian-born game show host
August 25th, 1921 (August 25 1921)BirthBrian Moore, Irish-born writer (died in 1999)
August 25th, 1921 (August 25 1921)BirthBryce Mackasey, Canadian politician (died in 1999)
August 25th, 1920 (August 25 1920)EventPolish-Soviet War: Battle of Warsaw, started on August 13, now ends. The Red Army is defeated.
August 25th, 1919 (August 25 1919)BirthGeorge Wallace, American politician (died in 1998)
August 25th, 1918 (August 25 1918)BirthLeonard Bernstein, American conductor and composer (died in 1990)
August 25th, 1918 (August 25 1918)BirthRichard Greene, English actor (died in 1985)
August 25th, 1917 (August 25 1917)BirthMel Ferrer, Cuban-American actor, film director and film producer (died in 2008)
August 25th, 1916 (August 25 1916)EventThe United States National Park Service is created.
August 25th, 1916 (August 25 1916)BirthVan Johnson, American actor
August 25th, 1916 (August 25 1916)BirthFrederick Chapman Robbins, American pediatrician and virologist; Nobel Prize laureate (died in 2003)
August 25th, 1916 (August 25 1916)BirthSaburo Sakai, Japanese aviator (died in 2000)
August 25th, 1915 (August 25 1915)BirthWalter Trampler, American violist (died in 1997)
August 25th, 1913 (August 25 1913)BirthWalt Kelly, American cartoonist (died in 1973)Walt Kelly Quotes
August 25th, 1913 (August 25 1913)BirthDon DeFore, American actor (died in 1993)
August 25th, 1912 (August 25 1912)EventThe Kuomintang, the Chinese nationalist party, is founded.
August 25th, 1912 (August 25 1912)BirthErich Honecker, East German politician (died in 1994)
August 25th, 1911 (August 25 1911)BirthVo Nguyen Giap (Vo Nguyen Giap), Vietnamese general and statesman
August 25th, 1910 (August 25 1910)EventYellow Cab is founded.
August 25th, 1909 (August 25 1909)BirthRuby Keeler, Canadian singer and actress (died in 1993)
August 25th, 1909 (August 25 1909)BirthMichael Rennie, English actor (died in 1971)
August 25th, 1908 (August 25 1908)DeathHenri Becquerel, French physicist, Nobel laureate (born in 1852)
August 25th, 1905 (August 25 1905)BirthFaustina Kowalska, Polish mystic (died in 1938)
August 25th, 1904 (August 25 1904)DeathHenri Fantin-Latour, French painter (born in 1836)
August 25th, 1904 (August 25 1904)DeathWilliam Hall, Canadian Royal Naval sailor (born in 1827)
August 25th, 1903 (August 25 1903)BirthArpad Elo, American chess writer (died in 1992)
August 25th, 1902 (August 25 1902)BirthStefan Wolpe, German-born composer (died in 1972)
August 25th, 1900 (August 25 1900)BirthHans Adolf Krebs, German physician and biochemist; Nobel Prize laureate (died in 1981)
August 25th, 1900 (August 25 1900)DeathFriedrich Nietzsche, German philosopher (born in 1844)Friedrich Nietzsche Quotes
August 25th, 1900 (August 25 1900)DeathKuroda Kiyotaka, Prime Minister of Japan (born in 1840)
August 25th, 1898 (August 25 1898)BirthHelmut Hasse, German mathematician (died in 1975)
August 25th, 1894 (August 25 1894)EventShibasaburo Kitasato discovers the infectious agent of the bubonic plague and publishes his findings in The Lancet.
August 25th, 1893 (August 25 1893)BirthHenry Trendley Dean, American dental researcher (died in 1962)
August 25th, 1882 (August 25 1882)BirthSean T. O Kelly, Irish politician (died in 1966)
August 25th, 1868 (August 25 1868)BirthNikolaos Levidis, Greek shooter
August 25th, 1867 (August 25 1867)BirthJames W. Gerard, American jurist and diplomat (died in 1951)
August 25th, 1867 (August 25 1867)DeathMichael Faraday, English scientist (born in 1791)
August 25th, 1845 (August 25 1845)BirthKing Ludwig II of Bavaria (died in 1886)
August 25th, 1841 (August 25 1841)BirthEmil Theodor Kocher, Swiss medical researcher; Nobel Prize laureate (died in 1917)
August 25th, 1836 (August 25 1836)BirthBret Harte, American writer (died in 1902)
August 25th, 1835 (August 25 1835)EventThe New York Sun perpetrates the Great Moon Hoax.
August 25th, 1830 (August 25 1830)EventThe Belgian Revolution begins.
August 25th, 1825 (August 25 1825)EventUruguay declares its independence from Brazil.
August 25th, 1822 (August 25 1822)DeathWilliam Herschel, German-born astronomer (born in 1738)
August 25th, 1819 (August 25 1819)BirthAllan Pinkerton, American private detective (died in 1884)
August 25th, 1814 (August 25 1814)EventWashington, D.C. is burned and White House is destroyed by British forces during the War of 1812.
August 25th, 1803 (August 25 1803)BirthLuis Alves de Lima e Silva, the Duque de Caxias, Brazilian military leader
August 25th, 1802 (August 25 1802)BirthNikolaus Lenau, Austrian poet (died in 1850)
August 25th, 1796 (August 25 1796)BirthJames Lick, American land baron (died in 1876)
August 25th, 1792 (August 25 1792)DeathJacques Cazotte, French writer (born in 1719)
August 25th, 1786 (August 25 1786)BirthKing Ludwig I of Bavaria (died in 1868)
August 25th, 1776 (August 25 1776)DeathDavid Hume, Scottish philosopher and historian (born in 1711)David Hume Quotes
August 25th, 1774 (August 25 1774)DeathNiccolo Jommelli, Italian composer (born in 1714)
August 25th, 1772 (August 25 1772)BirthKing William I of the Netherlands (died in 1843)William King Quotes
August 25th, 1768 (August 25 1768)EventJames Cook begins his first voyage.
August 25th, 1767 (August 25 1767)BirthAntoine Louis Leon de Richebourg de Saint-Just, French revolutionary and writer (died in 1794)
August 25th, 1758 (August 25 1758)EventSeven Years War: Frederick II of Prussia defeats the Russian army at the Battle of Zorndorf. Frederick II of Prussia Quotes
August 25th, 1744 (August 25 1744)BirthJohann Gottfried Herder, German writer (died in 1803)
August 25th, 1742 (August 25 1742)DeathCarlos Seixas, Portuguese composer (born in 1704)
August 25th, 1741 (August 25 1741)BirthKarl Friedrich Bahrdt, German theologian (died in 1792)
August 25th, 1724 (August 25 1724)BirthGeorge Stubbs, British painter (died in 1806)
August 25th, 1719 (August 25 1719)BirthCharles-Amedee-Philippe van Loo, French painter (died in 1795)
August 25th, 1718 (August 25 1718)EventNew Orleans, Louisiana is founded.
August 25th, 1711 (August 25 1711)DeathEdward Villiers, 1st Earl of Jersey, English politician
August 25th, 1699 (August 25 1699)DeathKing Christian V of Denmark (born in 1646)
August 25th, 1688 (August 25 1688)DeathHenry Morgan, Welsh privateer
August 25th, 1662 (August 25 1662)BirthJohn Leverett the Younger, American educator (died in 1724)
August 25th, 1650 (August 25 1650)DeathRichard Crashaw, English poet
August 25th, 1632 (August 25 1632)DeathThomas Dekker, English dramatistThomas Dekker Quotes
August 25th, 1624 (August 25 1624)BirthFrancois de la Chaise, French confessor of Louis XIV of France (died in 1709) Louis XIV of France Quotes
August 25th, 1609 (August 25 1609)EventGalileo Galilei demonstrates his first telescope to Venetian lawmakers.Galileo Galilei Quotes
August 25th, 1580 (August 25 1580)EventBattle of Alcantara. Spain defeats Portugal.
August 25th, 1561 (August 25 1561)BirthPhilippe van Lansberge, Dutch astronomer (died in 1632)
August 25th, 1554 (August 25 1554)DeathThomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk, English politician (born in 1473)
August 25th, 1537 (August 25 1537)EventThe Honourable Artillery Company, the oldest surviving regiment in the British Army, and the second most senior, is formed.
August 25th, 1530 (August 25 1530)BirthTsar Ivan IV of Russia (died in 1584)
August 25th, 1482 (August 25 1482)DeathMargaret of Anjou, queen of Henry VI of England (born in 1429)
August 25th, 1330 (August 25 1330)DeathSir James Douglas, Scottish soldier (born in 1286)
August 25th, 1282 (August 25 1282)DeathThomas Cantilupe, English saint
August 25th, 1270 (August 25 1270)DeathKing Louis IX of France (born in 1214) Louis IX of France Quotes
August 25th, 1248 (August 25 1248)EventThe Dutch city of Ommen receives city rights and fortification rights from Otto III, the Archbishop of Utrecht.
August 25th, 1192 (August 25 1192)DeathHugh III, Duke of Burgundy (born in 1142)
August 25th, 0471 (August 25 0471)DeathGennadius I, Patriarch of Constantinople
August 25th, 0383 (August 25 0383)DeathGratian, Roman Emperor

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